Editorial No. 1 – Towards a New Model

As we move into the third decade of the twenty-first century, it’s time to get our heads in the game. The world is a very different place to that of the early twentieth century. Whole industries are vanished, communities rent asunder, union membership plummeted. There are various venerable theories and schemas that in the wrong hands have been tamed, been bowdlerised or through the passage of time ossified into dogmas. 

In today’s United Kingdom, the historic project to emancipate the wage slaves is suffocating between the vice-like grip of liberalism and a defanged marxism which insists either that we work within existing institutions – no matter how compromised or that we turn away from all of them like so many Candides. 

These dogmatists, good activists though they are, have abandoned any dynamic understanding of the society in which they live and seem blind to the fact that a numerically-superior, propertyless working class no longer exists.

However, history moves in spirals and underlying economic trends mean that a significant class of labourers completely lacking property is being recreated in Britain, whose class interest is to abolish the antiquated state structure and allow for the development of the truly socialised economy. But it is different in both quality and quantity to the industrial proletariat and making it a political force requires a strategy as different to match. It is at present a minority; it is demoralised, divided, weak. Only painfully slowly is it being drawn into collective action. Yet its outlook is revolutionary precisely because it knows what it has lost, it sees the abyss always beneath it and it refuses to let go.

So, armed with this knowledge, what are we to do?

  1. To learn from our enemies 
  2. To recognise that the acquisition of power is contingent upon a series of complementary coalitions. We must anchor ourselves in both the proletarian reborn and the most insecure sections of the ex-proletarian class 
  3. To repeat ad nauseum: Socialism begins with strength

Persevere Magazine exists to do all three.